Oh My Tray

Remember how I just mentioned my new obsession with trays? Well, it didn’t stop for me at the estate sales and flea markets. I have been eyeing them online as well and have managed to create a collection of six trays that I absolutely adore and will look great in any modern home.


1. Trees Tea Tray – Depeapa on Etsy – $39
2. Printed Trinket Tray – Urban Outfitters – $6
3. Leave a Message Tray – Mod Cloth – $15
4. Marimekko Kippis Tray – Crate & Barrel – $63
5. Carnaby Striped Tray – Jonathan Adler – $32
6. Mid Century Modern Green Enamel Copper Tray – RedHillHome on Etsy – $19

What They May Become

What a crazy past month it has been! For starters, almost two weeks out of the four I was in China to celebrate my anniversary with my boyfriend. Yup! China. It was our first international trip which a lot of the people we met seemed to think that took some guts but we survived. Truthfully, we had a great time and I would recommend it to anyone. More on that later.

Right now it is all about the vintage trays for me.

You see, I fall into phases.

There was my Native Americana phase, my chair phase, my gold phase (still have my toes sunk in on this one), and now I find myself in a tray phase.

Am I the only one that goes through something like this?

I find it a bit odd to fall in/out of love with so many different things in a matter of months. But, there is a part of me that is grateful for all these different phases because that’s just a part of my brain that is finding the beauty in just about anything. That’s right folks: these phases are as if I am rediscovering the items all over again and seeing them with a different eye. It’s a wonderful thought to look back on.

This new found love of trays and the versatility they have to offer have also reflected in both of my Etsy shops: Then Meets Now and Thrival. Some of the most recent items in both shops are trays.

From Then Meets Now:



From Thrival:

The trinket tray that you can find on Thrival is one I am especially proud of. I found this neglected lid at a salvage sale of all places. The space belonged to an old rug company here in Los Angeles. Sadly, the company went out of business and the building along with it was abandoned. A man bought the property with every intention of demolishing it and creating an apartment building as income property. Luckily for me and for many others that visited the sale, a woman convinced him not to junk everything and to hold the sale.

I found some great pieces there such as the brass and glass lid (at least that is what I believe it was). At first, I didn’t even have a clue as to what I would use it for! There was something intriguing about it. Not only because it had this beautiful detailing but the mystery behind the item made me interested in learning more about it or at least becoming more acquainted with it.

I knew I wanted to breathe new life into the piece and when I haphazardly placed one of my disco ball succulent planters on it so that I can figure out just where to put everything- that proverbial light bulb turned on. “I’m going to make it into a tray”, I thought.

Now, I didn’t know what I wanted it to look like but I knew I wanted it to be glam. I was juggling with the idea that perhaps I should do some pretty typography with a gold paint pen I have lying around but couldn’t figure what would be best. Instead I used some spare specialty paper I had wanted to use for some coasters but let’s just say, I ran out of most of it before I had enough.

Now, it is what it is and I am so proud of it.

Sure! I love the other vintage trays. They are lovely enough to stand on their own without me having to change a thing. But, there is just something about breathing new life into an item that was destined to be thrown in the trash.

I think for next year that is what I want to keep expanding on. Pushing my creativity and trying to see items I come across for more than just face value. What can they become?

I dare you to challenge yourself too.

Is there an item you were able to give new life to?

I’d love to hear about it.

DIY: Geometric Painted Floor

Talk about modernizing a room on a budget. After seeing this on A Beautiful Mess, I knew I had to share it with you lovely folks. Sarah from Smitten Studio needed a way of getting rid of the “poop brown” (as she calls it) floor tiles but because she was on such a tight budget, she decided to paint the tiles! Look at the after:




Not only does it give the room such a breath of fresh air, the geometric pattern of the triangles make it a lot of fun to look at as well. Almost as if someone had a great party the night before and the confetti is the only sign of the aftermath.

To see just how she did it, go here.

Introducing Thrival

A few things have been quiet on my end but I promise it is for a very good reason. You see, behind the scenes I have been a very busy bee. Having a shop has been a fulfilling venture for me. It isn’t the biggest nor one of the most successful shops on Etsy (yet) but, it has brought a lot of positives to my life. For one, the thrill of getting an email saying that someone has made a purchase is highly addicting and the adrenaline rush I get is akin to the feeling of having won something in a contest for me. It’s thrilling. It really is.

I got into selling on Etsy because while I was visiting estate sales, thrift shops, and flea markets, I kept encountering objects that I didn’t want to leave without but knew there would be no reason for me to have. Let me reword that to be slightly more accurate: my boyfriend felt there wasn’t a good enough (or practical) reason to have it. He’s an engineer. If it ain’t practical, it might as well not exist.

Now, for years prior I have always wanted an Etsy shop but the “jack of all trades” characteristic of mine quickly got in the way by giving me a billion ideas with no way of really starting out. Then, as I was off to yet another flea market, the light bulb went off: start a vintage shop! I love vintage. I love old things and I love the hunt for them. It’s the story and the history these items bring that are unmatched by today’s big box stores. Yes, the items in those stores will eventually be considered “vintage” but right now the adage holds true: they just don’t make ‘em like they used to.

My whole life my family has told me that I was born in the wrong era and that may or not be true and regardless of it, I am making the best of my life in the present. No sense to live in the past but you sure can live surrounded by little perfect moments of the past.

This brings me to what I have been working on the past couple of weeks. Thrival. pronounced thrive*ul.

What is Thrival?

Thrival is the marriage of my love for vintage and my love for creating.

Thrival is the new sister shop of Then Meets Now.

[personally I like calling it TMN:T because the geeky part of me (a very big part) can't help but chuckle at the awesomeness]

Thrival is really where my creativity gets to thrive and have fun with my favorite patterns, textures, and images of the past. It is my handmade haven.

Here are a couple of things to give you an idea:

pillow case made of 1950s vintage fabric

pillow case made of 1950s vintage fabric

an old beat up theatre poster gets new life as 'mistletoe'

an old beat up theatre poster gets new life as ‘mistletoe’

this 1970s inspired set of coasters are sure to brighten up a room

this 1970s inspired set of coasters are sure to brighten up a room

There is a lot more of where those three came from and it will continue to grow. Right now, I’d like to invite you to take a look at the new shop and I hope you enjoy.


Fall Sale!

This was one crazy weekend! Albeit, it was the crazy Saturday that left me pretty much knocked out on Sunday. Saturday was apple picking day about an hour and a half’s drive away from me proceeded by another adventure. I will have more on that (including loads of pictures) later.

In the meantime, I have a special announcement:

Then Meets Now is Having a Sale

From now until November 21, get 10% OFF your order of $20 or more with the code FALL10.

This is just in time for the holidays so don’t procrastinate and get those gifts in order!

Here are a couple of my favorites that would make excellent gifts.

Vintage United States of America Display Shelf

Vintage Teal Green Waterloo box – Waterloo Metal Boxes and Chests // 1960s

Cute Fitz & Floyd Alligator Planter // 1970s

Natural Christmas Ornaments – Set of 5 – Organic


Visit the shop now!